Quality Management

Marco Polo International d.o.o. is a company whose main professional activity is wholesale of liquefied petroleum gas and related products, through business practices mindful of the environment, safety and health protection, information security, efficient energy management, and anti-bribery mechanisms.

To achieve, maintain and strengthen the values imposed by quality management, we are focused on meeting the needs and expectations of all parties involved in our trade. We believe in controlled growth and long-term business partnerships. We preserve our future success with healthy-dosed risks in all areas of our business, without neglecting environmental and social aspects. We strive to gradually improve our services so that we can always offer products and services of maximum quality.

We are dedicated to permanently meeting partners’ needs and expectations through well- executed services, flexibility and compliance with deadlines, and respect all principles of ensuring environmental, safety and health protection, information security, efficient energy management and anti-bribery mechanisms. We strive to continuously innovate and drive the efficiency of our work simultaneously ensuring protection of the information property from all threats – internal and external, intentional or accidental, banning bribery in total.

We strive to establish partnerships and, to through a mutually beneficial relationship, increase our competitiveness in all markets.

Our dedication to our employees is embedded in decision to recruit professional and ambitious individuals who will be able to thrive in our company. In order to better implement and follow quality standards and guidelines, we educate the team constantly to nurture environmental responsibility and act within social frameworks at the highest level. We implement sustainable development principles in all business segments, ensuring their implementation and encouraging our employees to actively contribute to their further applications to new business speres and trends.

Our guiding thought is to fulfil the Marco Polo International d.o.o. ambitious visions of becoming a strong and sustainable company.

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